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Find more money in your pratice

Physician Practice Consulting

From insurance negotiations to contract audits, our services are critical to improving your bottom line

Physician and ASC Contract Negotiations 
Despite what you might hear, most health plans, IPAs and hospitals will negotiate. It's important to have market knowledge, contacts and negotiation expertise. Physician Focus will find you the highest available rate. On average, we find better contracts for over 300 physicians each year. See our results page to learn more about our outcomes.

Contract Audits 
Our contract and operational assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your practice related to the contracts you have signed. We will compare all of your contracts to Medicare. We are experts in capitated and fee-for-service contracts. We identify if they are competitive, if they can be improved or the risk you will take should you decide to terminate. We often find that the physicians in your practice have different contracts and rates of payment with the same payer, some paying significantly below others. We will find the highest available contract and ensure all physicians in the group are paid at the same rate. The analysis provides a comprehensive reimbursement review allowing us to make bottom line recommendations to improve your practice's revenue.

Practice Start-Up, Management, and Development 
Starting, maintaining, and growing a practice isn't simple. Physician Focus provides you with a comprehensive set-up package of services, or we can handle portions of the set such as but not limited to:

  • Corporate Formation
  • Credentialing
  • Job Descriptions
  • Revenue Cycle Workflows and Mangement
  • Staff Recruitment
  • HR Services
  • Accounting & Payroll Services
  • Contract Review & Analysis
  • PMS Set-Up
  • Clearing House Setup
  • Employee Policies and Procedures
  • Corporate Formation
  • ERA & EFT Enrollment
  • Practice Management & EMR Selection Assistance
  • Staff Training
  • Malpractice Insurance Selection
  • 401K and Profit Sharing Selection Assistance

Education Program and Training Seminars 
If we provide the service, we can teach you how to provide it for yourself. We are experienced in training physicians and staff to manage their practice in all areas related to revenue. Our topics include, but are not limited to, Contract Negotiations, Making the Most of Your Contracts, Ensuring Payers do Their Job, How to Set up Your System and Monitor your Contract Performance, HIPPAA Compliance, and many others.