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Find more money in your pratice

Physician Billing Services

Physician Focus offers a broad range of physician billing services that can be custom-tailored to fit your practice

We provide billing services for surgical practices of 3 or more physicians. We are unique because we will connect remotely to your existing system, so you always have access to your practice data. With the new EMR incentives ,it is important that you own your system. EMRs and Billing Systems that do not talk to each other are outdated and extremely inefficient. We take our consulting expertise and integrate it with our billing expertise to offer you a Topline medical billing service focused on streamlined processes that ensures that you have higher collections.

Medical Billing and Collection Audits
We hear physician say, "We think our billing personnel are doing a good job, but how do we know?". Our billing audits provide a comprehensive review of how your billing shop is working. We review the performance of your billers as well as the performance of your payers. With the result we will provide you with a detailed work plan and analysis on how to increase your revenue.

Office and Billing Management/Oversight
Sometimes you need oversight in a few specific areas but do not wish to hire full time personnel. We train or manage your staff and make them experts at managing your practice or we can provide monthly oversight to tell you how your practice is performing.